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«Wherever you visit in Georgia, food and drinks dominate everything you do; your day is planned around food, farms, and vineyards, which are dotted around the landscape.»

Georgia lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with the combination of cultures and flavors present in all aspects of this Caucasian republic. Impressive European buildings inspired by St Petersburg of the 19th century stand side-by-side with modern glass buildings glistening in the sun and brick domes of the sulfur baths from the Middle Ages. The flavors of Georgia’s national foods and drinks take elements of Europe and Asia to create a mouthwatering menu of delectable dishes worth traveling to this up-and-coming part of the world in its own right.

Each of Georgia’s main towns and cities has its own unique cultural traditions, recipes, and attractions. In Kutaisi, Soviet monuments overlook fountains dedicated to the foundation of Georgia, a wooden bridge crosses the roaring White River, and modern hotels built in a style sympathetic to the city’s historic roots hug the river bank. Tbilisi, Georgia’s largest and most populous city, is a patchwork of medieval and ancient buildings, towering hills and sheer cliffs, quaint cafes and restaurants hidden down narrow winding cobbled streets, and traditions dating back to before the East and West kingdoms unified by King Bagrat III (who oversaw the construction of the Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi).

Outside of the most well-known cities in Georgia, the historic resort town of Borjomi, complete with its salty mineral drinking waters, offers a welcome relaxing escape for those looking to taste one of the country’s biggest exports (aside from wine), and the seaside resort of Batumi offers a flavor of Georgia’s modern side, with contemporary sculptures and ultra-glitzy buildings lining the coast of the Black Sea. Wherever you choose to travel in Georgia, you will find no shortage of history, faith, and culture.

That’s the teaser of what Joe Worthington, travel journalist from the British magazine «Food and Travel», wrote after his journey around Georgia with MyCaucasus Travel. Besides enjoying a lot of Georgian food, Joe also visited a lot of cultural spots such as the Bagrati cathedral, the Gelati monastery, Uplistsikhe cave town, the Old Town of Tbilisi, and cities like Batumi, Gori, and Borjomi.

Read the whole travel report.

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