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Let yourself be enchanted by the most beautiful and impressive places in the Caucasus. With MyCaucasus you travel authentically, sustainably, and safely through Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Our Caucasus tours take you to the highlights of the region, but also take you off the beaten path of mass tourism. Thanks to the experience and contacts of our local travel specialists you get to know the countries and its people as they really are.

MyCaucasus Travel

Stephan Frey (Switzerland)

Skiing in Gudauri and Mestia was great. The snow is great, and the vast landscape is unique. We will be back.

Sharmistha Sen (India)

The eclectic architecture and breathtaking natural beauty of the Caucasian region would have remained unknown to me if not for this awesome MyCaucasus travel portal.

Simon Stahl (USA)

We had a great group. I still have contact with all six. We have already agreed that we will come back next year. Then it will be a wine tour through Kakheti.

Sylvana Flores (USA)

I will never forget our trip through the mountains of Tusheti. The landscape was unique, though the absolute highlights were the warm encounters with the locals.

Gabriel Cruser (USA)

I love mountains, so when I went to Georgia I wanted to explore the Caucasus. I was lucky enough to find Mycaucasus and venture into the mountains in Khazbeki. Wow! Some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Jagged Rocky Mountains painted with snow and breathtaking views.

German Baronov (Russia)

Georgia is incredible: Nature, architecture, national cuisine – all worthy of the most enthusiastic reviews! And the main wealth is people with whom you can experience real Caucasian hospitality. So you want to hug all Georgians and move to live in Tbilisi!

Michal Kos (Czech Republic)

Gudauri and its awesome mountains, tons of free riders and probably the friendliest nation in the world. Thank you Mycaucasus for the best trip in my life!

Alexander Kühne (Germany)

The people made me feel very welcome from the first second. The beautiful nature and wonderful landscapes are so eclectic and make this country unique. My personal highlight is the wine, Chacha & food. I can only recommend to everyone to do a trip to Georgia with Mycaucasus.

Rudolf Salameh (Lebanon)

Fresh pow till April, beautiful scenery and of course the awesome cuisine. Georgia, I’ll definitely visit you frequently!

Jon Camus-Smith (Great Britain)

Thanks a lot, MyCaucasus, for the amazing two weeks in Kakheti, Tusheti and Khevsureti. Amazing, breathtaking nature and lovely people.

Eleanor Lewis (USA)

I recommend Fabio and his company MyCaucasus Travel to custom your trip. Fabio is knowledgeable about the region and will provide you with a great adventure.

Solo-female tourist (USA)

I posed a big challenge to plan a 16 day trip across all 3 Caucasian countries with only 1-week advance notice! They were up to the challenge and executed a custom itinerary that hit all of my interests and then some.

Rolf Wettstein (Switzerland)

I liked the landscapes a lot, and especially the impressive mountains. And that we met so many nice and hospitable people in these lonely areas was awesome.

Ahmed Murhaf (Syria)

I love the Caucasus region, especially Georgia! Baking Georgian traditional food like Khachapuri with locals was a great experience. I will be back for sure.

Anya Chan (Ukraine)

I always wanted to visit Armenia and Georgia. Thanks to MyCaucasus my dream came true! I love both countries too much and one day I want to live there, it already feels like I am at home there.

Raluca Negrea (Romania)

I have friends in Azerbaijan and always wanted to visit them. So last year with the help of MyCaucasus I went there and this was the most unique, crazy and funny trip in my life.

Anastasia Usenko (Poland)

Georgia is my second home! I love this country and people, they are so friendly and honest, may be sometimes they drink too much, but their Supra is something unbelievable.


Georgia is an up-and-coming nation in an area of tension between West and East, tradition and modernity. Highlights are its kitchen, the polyphonic songs and the impressive mountains. But above all, the hospitality of the people will pull you under its spell. «Every guest is a gift from God», say the Georgians. And you can feel their warmth. Get ready for your Caucasus travel experience.



Armenia is one of the emerging destinations with an annual double-digit growth rate. In addition to the famous churches and monasteries, guests are particularly impressed by the nature of Armenia. Examples herefore are the Lake Sevan 1,900 m above sea level or the legendary Mount Ararat, just beyond the Turkish border, where Noah's Ark is said to have been stranded.



Thousands of years before our time, the people in, what is today Azerbaijan, worshiped the fire. Throughout the country, you can still admire countless "eternal fires" that are springing up because of the large gas reserves. The landscape of scenic Azerbaijan is very diverse: Nine of the world's eleven climate zones occur in this small country.


Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia-Alania, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia: These are the Russian republics in the North Caucasus. The region is undiscovered, wild and primeval. An adventure for all those who want to go on a journey of discovery off the beaten tourist track.

Why MyCaucasus Travel

Why MyCaucasus

MyCaucasus Travel was created because we fell in love with the Caucasus region and visited it over and over for many years.

When we think back to the best moments on our trips in Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan, we do not think of luxury hotels, beaches or tourist hotspots. It is the encounters with the people and the hidden treasures of the Caucasus that have captured our hearts forever.

Here are six good reasons to use MyCaucasus when travelling through Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia.

Professional partner in Caucasus


You benefit from the unique combination of local Caucasian experience and competence and Swiss professionalism and reliability.

Tailor-made trips in Caucasus


We arrange your journey individually for you. You don't get a standardized tour, but experiences tailored exactly to your needs.

Save travelling in Caucasus


Our guides and drivers are well-rested because they stay in proper accommodation. Vehicles and equipment are regularly maintained.

Authentic travelling in Caucasus


We do not like mass tourism. With us you travel «off the path», get to places without tourists and get to know the country and people as they are: real and authentic.

Sustainable travel in Caucasus


With us, you spend the night in friendly, family-run accommodation. Wherever possible, food and wine come from organic and local products.

High quality and fair salaries


We expect the highest quality from our guides, drivers and local partners. It is a matter of course for us to pay them decent and fair salaries.