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Facts about Martvili Canyon

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Martvili Canyon

Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Martvili Canyon is a natural monument and located in the village Inchkhuri, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, 280 km west of Tbilisi.

The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder. The natural monument is under protects of the Georgian agency of protected areas. It used to be a bathing place for Georgian Nobles, Dadiani family. Now it represents a tourist site. People visit it to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green color. You can enjoy a 300-meter boat tour on river Abasha and beautiful views of the mountain river canyon. Taking walking or boat tours at Martvili Canyon tourists can explore the Dadianis’ Path, mountain river gorge, limestone natural bridges, overview platforms, waterfalls, XIX century water mill, fossil shells of nautiluses and sea urchins.

Martvili Canyon in Western Georgia

The Martvili Canyon used to be a bathing place for the legendary Dadiani family.

Diving in Martvili Canyon 

Martvili Canyon has been named as one of the best scuba-diving locations in Europe in 2017 based on the views of eight underwater photographers. Diving in the canyon costs 57.50 GEL (around 17 Euro) and is possible from May to September. The canyon is 2,400 m long, 20-30 meters deep, and 5-10 meters wide.

In addition, small waterfalls of 12-15 meters in height are formed in the middle of the canyon. There is a special place known as the «Dadiani Bath». To get here, the trail will lead to a staircase built of large limestone blocks. According to the historical documents, Giorgi Chkondideli and Davit Agmashenebeli used to go up these stairs ad swim in the bath. The length of the route the boats take along the river is about 1 km, and the trip takes about 30 minutes (including photo stops). Children under 5 years old are not allowed on the boats.

Martvili Canyon

Walking, relaxing, boat trip, or diving: There's a lot you can do in Martvili Canyon on a hot summer day.

«Here, there are caves and canyons so impregnable that not even a satellite can see inside, this place was like an illustration from one of Tolkien’s books, a place where elves dwell. It features clear waterfalls that fall from steep, fern-covered cliffs draped with hanging ivy branches that resemble festive lights. Everything is insanely beautiful», the underwater photographers said about Martvili Canyon.

Private tour to Martvili Canyon

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How to get there

Martvili Canyon by car

By car

There are good roads leading to Martvili. From Tbilisi, it takes around 4.5 hours, from Batumi 2.5 hours and from Kutaisi a bit less than one hour.

Martvili Canyon by minibus

By minibus

There are marshrutkas to Martvili from almost every city in Georgia. In Tbilisi, you find the minibusses at the Didube station or Station Square. They depart at 09:00 and a one-way ticket costs around 17 GEL.

Martvili Canyon by plane

By plane

The closest airport is in Kutaisi. The journey from there takes around one hour.

Martvili Canyon by train

By train

Martvili is not connected with the Georgian railway system. From Tbilisi, you can take a train to Samtredia (4 hours). From there you should take a taxi (40 min, around 10 EUR).

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Martvili Canyon
Martvili Canyon
Martvili Canyon