The Chronicles of Georgia Monument

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Facts about Kartlis Tskhovreba

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1958  Founded:
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Kartlis Tskhovreba

Kartlis Tskhovreba, which means «Life of Kartli», is a monument created by the Georgian sculptor, painter and architect Zurab Tsereteli, born in Tbilisi in 1934. The construction of the monument began in 1985. The impressive monument, sometimes also called «The Georgian Royal Annals», is located north-west of the Tbilisi reservoir on a hill above the city’s outskirts Gldani and Temka.

The 30 meters high Kartlis Tskhovreba monument consist of various pillars The top part of those columns shows the most important kings, queens and other heroes from Georgian history, the bottom part shows different stories from the life of Jesus Christ. Next to the monument there is a Georgian Orthodox church and a small café which is open at least during the summer months.

If you visit the Kartlis Tskhovreba monument, you won’t meet a lot of tourists there. The place is not famous at all and even many residents of Tbilisi don’t know the sight. Nevertheless we highly recommend to visit the monument - not only because of it is impressive and stunning, but also because of the view you can get from there.

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How to get there

To the Chronicles of Georgia Monument by car

By car

The Kartlis Tskhovreba monument is located around 10-11 km north of the city centre and can be reached within 30 minutes by car or by taxi.

To the Chronicles of Georgia Monument by minibus

By minibus

Take the metro and get out at the station Ghrmaghele. From there you can take the bus no. 90 to Military School (14 stations). From there it takes you 10-15 min to walk.

To the Chronicles of Georgia Monument by plane

By plane

The 24km from Tbilisi International airport will take about 30 minutes by car or taxi.

To the Chronicles of Georgia Monument by train

By train

The monument is not connected with the railway system.

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Kartlis Tskhovreba
Kartlis Tskhovreba