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Facts Sighnaghi

Georgia  Country:
2,200  Population:
18th century  Founded:
Georgian  Languages:
Wine production, tourism  Economy:
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Region: Kakheti

With its 1,500 inhabitants, the Kakhetian city of Sighnaghi is one of the smallest towns in Georgia. The cozy place is located on a hill 50 km southeast of Telavi, the capital of Kakheti, in the midst of Georgia's most famous wine region. No wonder that in and around Sighnaghi many wineries and restaurants offer wine tastings.

The well-preserved city walls as well as the cobbled streets and lanes from the 18th century give the town its unique charm. During the last few years, Sighnaghi has also undergone an extensive refurbishment. Facades and entire houses have been renovated and a lot of new touristic infrastructure has been established. Nowadays Sighnaghi is an important tourist magnet of Georgia.

Sighnaghi streets

A small shop in the streets of Sighnaghi selling some local products.

Sighnaghi is the city of love

Due to the picturesque setting and the romantic atmosphere, Sighnaghi is extremely popular for couples willing to marry. This circumstance has brought the place the name «city of love». In addition, in the city hall, people can get married around the clock for seven days and 24 hours.

Sighnaghi view

View of the Alazani valley and the Greater Caucasus peaks in the background.

Bodbe Monastery near Sighnaghi

From a cultural point of view, Sighnaghi has a lot to offer, too. The Sighnaghi Museum, a part of the Georgian National Museum, displays not only the town's history but also archaeological finds and works by Niko Pirosmani and Lado Gudiaschwili. In addition to the two Georgian Orthodox churches in the town, visitors are particularly fascinated by the nearby Bodbe Monastery, which can be reached by foot in about 25 minutes and where, according to a legend, Saint Nino is said to be buried.

Horse-riding from Sighnaghi to Bodbe Monastery

Horse-riding from Sighnaghi to Bodbe Monastery.

Tailor-made private tour to Sighnaghi

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How to get to Sighnaghi

To Sighnaghi by car

By car

From Tbilisi, you will reach Sighnaghi within 1h 45min. The distance is 110 km. From Telavi to Sighnaghi it only takes half an hour.

To Sighnaghi by minibus

By minibus

There are minibusses (Marshrutkas) from Isani bus station in Tbilisi. The trip to Sighnaghi takes about two hours and costs around 10 GEL (4 EUR).

To Sighnaghi by plane

By plane

The closest airport is the one in Tbilisi. From there it takes you by car 1.5 hours, the distance is 98 km.

To Sighnaghi by train

By train

Sighnaghi is not connected with the Georgian railway system. This is why there are no trains to Sighnaghi.

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Guided tours to Sighnaghi

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Impressions from Sighnaghi

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