Capital of Kartli wine region

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Facts Gori

Georgia  Country:
48,000  Population:
11th century  Founded:
Georgian  Languages:
Cotton, apparatus construction, fruit and vegetables  Economy:
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Region: Shida Kartli

Gori is the largest city in Shida Kartli and the capital of the region. With almost 50,000 inhabitants, it is also the sixth-largest city in Georgia.

The city is particularly famous for the fact that Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili was born there in 1878 – the man who gave himself the battle name of Stalin, which means «Man of Steel», in 1912 and from then on was to shape world history. Even today, the birthplace of the later dictator and a museum in Gori remind us of the city's most famous citizens.

Gori in Georgia

Next to the Stalin Museum in Gori people can visit the dictator's famous railway carriage.

The fortress «Goris Tsikhe»

The Joseph Stalin Museum and Stalin's birthplace are certainly Gori's main attractions. But there are other sights as well. On the one hand, the cave town Uplistsikhe 10 km away, on the other hand, «Goris Tsikhe», the castle ruin enthroned on a hill over the city, which had been built after the invasion of the Mongolians. The ascent takes place on foot. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the city and the surrounding area of the Kartli region at the top.

The Historical Ethnographic Museum in Gori

A visit to the Historical Ethnographic Museum, which is only a two-minute walk from the Joseph Stalin Museum, is also exciting. The museum offers a good insight into the life of Georgians during the past epochs. You can admire cultural and historical exhibits such as archaeological artifacts, furniture, weapons, folk costumes and traditional jewelry. Address: Kirion II street, Gori

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How to get to Gori

To Gori in Georgia by car

By car

Gori is located 90km northwest of Tbilisi. The journey from the capital takes 1h 15min by car. The road conditions are excellent (motorway).

To Gori in Georgia by minibus

By minibus

There are daily Marschrutka connections from Tbilisi (bus station Didube) to Gori. The minibusses run between 07:00 and 20:00. The trip costs 3 GEL.

To Gori in Georgia by plane

By plane

The nearest airport is the one in Tbilisi. From there, you can reach Gori within 90 minutes by car. We recommend passing Tbilisi north of the reservoir, to avoid the dense urban traffic.

To Gori in Georgia by train

By train

There are up to eight trains from Tbilisi to Gori every day. The journey takes between 56 minutes and 1 hour and 14 minutes, depending on the train. Prices range from 8 GEL to 39 GEL (Business Class).

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Impressions from Gori