«Yanar Bulag», where the springs are burning

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Facts Astara

Azerbaijan  Country:
17000  Population:
Iranian, Azeri  Languages:
Food processing, rice and cereal cultivation, tea, citrus fruits  Economy:
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Region: Astara Rayon

Astara is a small city in the south-east of Azerbaijan. It's a border town to Iran and located at the seaside of the Caspian Sea. West of Astara there are the Hirkan National Park and the Talysh Mountains.

The mountain range, around 100 km long, is said to be the most rain-laden region in Azerbaijan. The climate in Astara is humid and subtropical. The local people cultivate rice, tea, citrus fruits and all kind of vegetables which grow there outstandingly.

Talysh Mountains

The Talysh Mountains near Astara is home to some Persian Leopards.

Beach or Historic Museum

The Astarachay divides Astara into an Azeri part and an Iranian part. The border is located more or less in the respective city center. Basically, there is not much to see or to do in Astara. But we definitely recommend to drink some local tea in one of the Chaikhana's (teahouses) and to visit the Historic Museum of Astara. The city beach is among the more beautiful ones in Azerbaijan, so you may have a look there, too.

Astara seaside

The modern Astara boardwalk at the Caspian Sea.

«Yanar Bulag», the burning springs of Archivan

The highlights are out of town, first and foremost «Yanar Bulag», the burning springs in the Archivan village. It is located only a few kilometers north-west of Astara on the road to Lankaran. In a small pavilion, you'll find the magic and flammable water that pours out of a metal stand-pipe. The fountain is flammable because it is a mix of water and methane.

The locals believe in the water's constitutional impact and drink it. Tip: Use your lighter and light up the spring. It looks pretty cool! But please be careful, especially the first time.

Mosques and mausoleums nearby

In the surroundings of Astara you can find different historical places of interest: for example, the Shakhagakh Mausoleum (15 km north of Astara) or the mosques Gaji Teimus and Gaji Jahan in Pensar (20 km north of Astara).

Private trip to Astara

Are you interested in a tailor-made tour to Astara? Tell us about your ideas and get an individual, customized offer without obligation.

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How to get to Astara

Astara by car

By car

Astara is located 40 km (50 min) south of Lankaran and directly at the border with Iran. From Baku, the journey takes 3h 45min.

Astara by minibus

By minibus

In Lankaran, you can find a large number of busses and marshrutkas to Astara. The trip costs 1 AZN (0.50 EUR).

Astara by plane

By plane

The Lankaran International Airport offers flights to Baku, Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you arrive in Baku, you can reach Astara within 4 hours from the capital's airport.

Astara by train

By train

There are two types of trains between Baku and Lankaran: The electric train leaves Baku at 8 a.m. and arrives in Lankaran at 5 p.m. (costs: 2.50 AZN). The journey in the night train (11.30 p.m. - 9 a.m.) costs between 3.20 and 5.40 AZN. From Lankaran to Astara there are regular minibusses.

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Guided tours to Astara

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