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Our travel philosophy

MyCaucasus provides authentic, sustainable and exclusive travel experiences in the Caucasus region.

Authentic travelling in the Caucasus

It is our goal that you get to know countries, cultures and people in the Caucasus as they are: unvarnished and genuine. On our tours and trips we stay overnight as often as possible with local host families or in small guesthouses. During your journey through the Caucasus you will come into contact with a wide variety of people. Thanks to our guides, who of course all speak English and the respective national language, there are exciting conversations with locals.

Sustainability in travel

Sustainability when travelling is also important to us. We select hosts who work with fresh, organically produced ingredients from their own farm or from the immediate vicinity. Together with our hosts we spoil you with the traditional country cuisine. Whenever possible, the recipes come from the region we are in. You will experience the regional differences within Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan with all your senses. And Kubdari simply tastes better in Svaneti than anywhere else.

What exclusivity means to us

Although you also visit the sightseeing hotspots of the Caucasus with us, we leave the usual tourist paths in between – always looking for the hidden treasures that Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan have to offer. It is our understanding of exclusivity to give you these insights.

MyCaucasus, authentic travelling
MyCaucasus, authentic travelling

Why travelling to the Caucasus?

The Caucasus is one of the most diverse regions of the world. In this comparatively small area you will find 4 countries, 11 climate zones, 100 landscape types and 7,000 plant species. You will encounter 50 peoples speaking more than 40 different languages.

In Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the culture of eating and drinking is equally important. The traditional cuisine of the Caucasian countries is enormously varied and tasty. Not only for meat lovers, also for vegetarians the cuisine of the Caucasus is very interesting, as you can read in our FAQ about Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Last but not least it is the warmth, openness and hospitality of the people in the Caucasus that inspire us time and again. Come with us!

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