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The best hang out spots for nightlife in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a great city to visit due to its rich history, traditions and culture. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot visit Georgia's capital just to have fun.

Tbilisi is extremely beautiful at night as all its main attractions are highlighted by a strong bright lightening. Tbilisi has its own rhythm. And to see and to feel it you need to explore the city not only during the day, but also during the night.

The nightlife in Tbilisi is very alive. Various night clubs are available throughout the city, as a response to the need of the young generation for entertainment. Therefore, Tbilisi has a diversified scene of cafés, restaurants, and bars and of course clubs.

Partying in Tbilisi is always a spontaneous decision, often made in at friend’s place. It may start with a coffee and end with several glasses of Tequila and dancing till the next morning.

If you want to explore the nightlife of Tbilisi, here’s a list of the best spots to hang out. The list doesn't contain the typical spots for tourists, but those where you will meet a lot of local people.

Drunk Owl Bar

Located right in the heart of the old part of Tbilisi, the Drunk Owl is one of the favorite bars of the locals. It's a great spot for budget travelers with nice live music on every Friday and Saturday. Address: 21 Samghebro St, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).

Bauhaus Bar

A nice open air summer spot with affordable prices and sandwich menus. The bar is located right in the middle of Deda Ena Park on the right bank of Mtkvari River, where you can enjoy the green nature around you. Address: Deda Ena Park, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).


A former Soviet factory has been repurposed into a multifunctional space featuring bars, a hostel and co-working area (to name a few). As a relatively new venue in Tbilisi, Fabrika has quickly become a trendy and cool place to spend a Friday or Saturday evening. What makes Fabrika so popular is its minimalist but modern and arty design both inside and outside. Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).

Drama Bar

Located right in the center of the main street in Tbilisi (Rustaveli Avenue), it is not that easy to be discovered. The Drama Bar is a perfect spot for young people clubbing and hanging out. Not only the low prices for alcoholic beverages make the place crowded all the time. The bar hosts local DJ’s each Friday and Saturday. Address: 37 Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).


The Warsawa is one of the more touristic bars of Tbilisi, but frequented by locals, too. It's a great place to taste Chacha with lots of different flavours for only 3 GEL per shot. As the place is extremely small, many guests are always standing at the bar's entrance, often totally drunk and funny. Address: 19 Aleksander Pushkin Street, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).

Art-Cafe HOME

Nestled in Old Tbilisi, the place looks like a museum. The Art Café Home is literarily a bar located in an artist's home. The unusual decorations and paintings will fascinate you at first glance. If you are lucky to visit the place on a warm summer evening, you can enjoy the amazing night view of Tbilisi from its terrace. The bar offers live music events on every weekend. Address: 13 Betlemi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).


Its fascinating location makes this place very unique: You can hang out and dance right on the Mtkvari river, as the place is on a boat. Indoors it is furnished with exquisite decorations and outdoors it offers a beautiful view of Tbilisi. The bar is working four days per week and always hosts local and international artists.  Address: Left bank of Mtkvari, near Rike Park, Tbilisi, Georgia (show on map).

Text: Mariam Meladze, resident of Tbilisi (MyCaucasus)

Author: MyCaucasus
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