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Our Georgian Folk Nights with barbecue and music

The culture and the traditions of Georgia are manifold and diversified. But there are two cultural aspects which you definitely shouldn't miss: Food and music, maybe the two most important cultural things in Georgia.

With MyCaucasus you can experience both, food and music, at the same time: thanks to our Georgian Folk NIghts, which we offer to our guests upon request when they're in Tbilisi.

Mtsvadi, the Georgian barbecue

We celebrate our Georgian Folk Nights in the Terrace House, a guesthouse run by our local partner and friend David in Tbilisi. Together with him, we prepare the Georgian barbecue called Mtsvadi. The Shashlik-like skewer is mostly made of pork, but can also be made of beef, veal, or chicken. We flavor it in the Georgian way, barbecue it on the fire and enjoy it together with local Georgian wine and Chacha.

Georgian folk music by Quartet Droni

During the whole evening, our friends from Quartet Droni will be with us. The Georgian folk musicians, managed by Shalva Edisherashvili, thrill the guests with their amazing voices and their wide repertoire of traditional Georgian folk songs.

Whether accompanied by a guitar or a cappella, Dato Ghvaladze (lead), Zura Kakhidze (tenor), Iva Miroshnichenko (baritone) and Giorgi Khatiashvili (bass) inspire the people with their clear voices and the overwhelming harmonies they create. On Soundcloud, you can listen to them to get an impression.

How to book

If you're interested in a Georgian Folk Night in Tbilisi, please contact us via and tell us about the favored date and the number of persons. Prices and availabilities upon request. You can book this quartet exclusively at MyCaucasus Travel.


Author: MyCaucasus
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