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Your Georgian travel vocabulary

You're planning to travel to Georgia? Exciting! Even though it is not necessary, it may be useful to learn some words and phrases in the Georgian language.

In this article, you find the most important and useful ones. You can read the words as they're written down in this article. There is just one exception: The letter combination «gh» sounds like a mix of the French «r» and the Scottish «ch» (Loch).

Georgian travel vocabulary

Important words in Georgian

Yes –  Diach (colloquial: kho)
No  –  Ara
Thank you  –  Madloba
Thanks a lot  –  Didi madloba
Very  –  Dzalian

Hello and goodbye in Georgian

Hello  –  Gamardjoba
Good morning  –  Dila mshvidobisa
Good evening  –  Saghamo mshvidobisa
Good night  –  Ghame mshvidobisa
Goodbye  –  Nakhvamdis
Sorry  –  Bodishi
Cheers  –  Gaumarjos

Asking questions in Georgian

Where is...?  –  Sad aris...?
Hotel  –  Sastumro
Restaurant  –  Restorani
Bar  –  Bari
Toilet  –  Tualeti
Railway station  –  Sadguri

Small talk in Georgian

My name is  –  Me mkvia
What's your name?  –  Ra gkvia?
How much is...?  –  Ra ghirs...?
The bill please  –  Momitanet angarishi
I don't speak Georgian  –  Me ar vitsi qartuli
I am from England  –  Me inglisidan var
I am from America  –  Me amerikeli war

Numbers in Georgian

One  –  Erti
Two  –  Ori
Three  –  Sami
Four  –  Otkhi
Five  –  Khuti
Six  –  Ekvsi
Seven  –  Shvidi
Eight  –  Rva
Nine  –  Tskhra
Ten –  Ati

Days of the week in Georgian

Monday  –  Orshabati
Tuesday  –  Samshabati
Wednesday  –  Otkhshabati
Thursday  –  Khutshabati
Friday  –  Paraskevi
Saturday  –  Shabati
Sunday  –  Kvira

Author: MyCaucasus