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Wild and authentic Svaneti region

Travelling to Georgia without visiting Svaneti is possible, but not recommendable. In this article you will find out why.

The northeastern region of Georgia and the mountains of the Greater Caucasus are wild, authentic and pristine. Above the deep, green valleys with their raging rivers and roaring waterfalls, snow-capped peaks are towering like that of the Shchara. With its 5'068 m it is the highest mountain of Georgia. No less impressive is the two-headed Uschba (4,737 m) with its huge glacier winding down into the valley.

Svaneti is a paradise for nature lovers. The region invites you to hike, mountain bike and climb, but also simply to relax in the healthy mountain air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Defense towers in Svaneti

Typical for Svaneti are the many medieval defense towers that characterize the image of the mountain villages. They bear witness to the centuries-long struggle against invaders and conquerors who ventured into the remote valleys where the Svans had settled. With this unique defensive tactic, when in danger the Svan families were able to retreat into their defensive towers - virtually impregnable fortresses. The “Matschubi”, as the Swans call their two-story residential building, borders on the defense towers. They live on the ground floor, on the upper floor the hay was stored.

The remoteness allowed the Svans to maintain their own way of living, their culture, and their traditions until today. This has also affected their language. Their fellow Georgians from the rest of Georgia cannot understand the Svan language.


Country: Georgia
Population: ca. 20'000
Villages: Adishi, Khaishi, Ieli, Iskari, Kari, Lakhushdi, Mestia, Nakra, Tsegani, Ushguli
Languages: Svan, Georgian
Principal town: Mestia (Upper Svaneti) and Lentekhi (Lower Svaneti)

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