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The best hangout spots in Batumi

Batumi is a magnificent resort town, literally created for a comfortable stay. Besides sightseeing and enjoying the beach, as a guest you have a lot of nightlife opportunities.

Even though it is a small city, there are plenty of opportunities for fun, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, music, and a relaxing evening. In this blog article, you can explore some of the nicest places to hang out in the evening.

The best hangout spots in Batumi

1. Fan Fan Cafe

The Fan Fan Cafe is located right in the middle of the Old Boulevard. It attracts everyone with its descent vintage style and its nice atmosphere. The café is situated in a historic building from the year 1905, which was owned by the famous Georgian writer Chabua Amiredjibi. Shabby-chic in decor and favored by cool, arty folk, the Fan Fan Cafe also prepares delicious Georgian and European food. We definitely recommend tasting their seafood and their lemon tart.

The bar offers two rooms redesigned in an eclectic style, which creates a very friendly atmosphere for meetings or for drinking a pint of beer inside as well as on the terrace. The Fan Fan Cafe is one of a few animal-friendly places in the city. In case you're traveling with your dog or cat, you'll be glad to know there's a menu section for them too. On summer evenings, live music is often played there, mostly jazz. Address: Ninoshvili Street 27, 6000 Batumi, Georgia

Batumi by night

2. Roof Terrace Restaurant

The Roof Terrace Restaurant is atop the five storey building in the city center, arguably the best place for this experience in the city. The restaurant offers Georgian, European and Turkish dishes.

The neatly decorated venue has a large terrace overlooking the city and the magnificent black sea. If you happen to visit Batumi in summer or spring, when the weather is warm, make sure to come here for a lovely, breezy evening. Address: 25, 27 Kutaisi Street, Batumi

Beach near Batumi

3. Vaja Davitadze's Winemaking and Wine Cellar

Vaja Davitadze's Winemaking and Wine Cellar is an underground wine tasting cellar and restaurant. Here, the guests can taste the wines of the unique grapes from eastern and western Georgia: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Khikhvi, Kisi, Tsolikauri, Chkhaveri, Satsuri, Usakhelauri, Alexandreul-Mujureti (Khvanchkara). Wines are made according to the Kakheti, Imereti and classical technology. The wine cellar has its own vineyards, in Kakheti and in the highland Ajara. The tastings are held daily, during the tasting the guests can watch documentary films about viticulture and winemaking. On the 7th floor of the hotel “Marani” is the wine restaurant, from that, is open the unique views of the city. Address: Giorgi Brtskinvale Street, Batumi

4. Cafe Literaturuli

The Café Literaturuli is located in the old part of the city and represents a bookstore and bar at the same time. Its gentle design attracts locals and guests with a delicious menu of Georgian and European food. The place is well known for its desserts and great coffees. It's a chill and calm place, which can be enjoyed in the daytime as well. Address: 18 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Street, Batumi

Batumi from above

5. Chacha Time Bar

Chacha Time Bar – already the title makes you wanna go there and try some Chacha. It is a local Georgian brandy made of grape pomace left over after the wine-making process. The Chacha Time Bar offers different flavors of Chacha. With its high alcohol content and heavy taste, Chacha might not be your cup of tea, thus Chacha Time Bar also has other drinks to start the evening. If you get hungry, burgers, salads, and even pancakes are available. Great spot to hang out, drink and chat with locals. Address: Giorgi Mazniashvili Street 5, Batumi

Batumi seaside promenade

6. Vinyl Bar

The Vinyl Bar is a small bar with a nice retro interior and a good place for young people, hipsters and everybody who loves Vinyl music. As the name suggests, the interior is adorned with many different types of vinyl records and other decorative items handmade by the owners and their friends. Aside from a wide range of alcoholic drinks, a great atmosphere and live music await you there. Address: 12 Dumbadze Street, Batumi

7. Iveria Beach Club

The Iveria Beach Club is a seaside beach café, more of a lounge bar and club, Iveria Beach is a popular destination if you like to dance and experience the local nightlife. Stretched along the bay, the venue has a fascinating view of the Black Sea. Open every day, you can come here before the sun goes down, bask in the glowing rays and have a snack. Address: Miracle Square, near the Alphabet Tower, Seafront Promenade, Batumi

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