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Kulbaki Green Lake Travel in Lechkhumi

One of the most beautiful corners of Georgia, Lechkhumi, in the village of Kulbak, is located an artificially created green lake surrounded by mountains, where you will find a beautiful, calm environment. Here you can go fishing, horseback riding, boating and relaxing in a family-run hotel overlooking the lake.


The location of the Kulbaki Green lake is in Racha -Lechkhumi  Lower Svaneti region, but not on the main road, you should drive around 20 km both way (not asphalt road) from the road to Tsageri to Khvamli Mount, there is a small sign it is easy to find it also on the Google map.

The depth of the lake is around 5 meters.

Fish Farm

When you visit Kulbaki and Green Lake you feel the smell of the fish in the air. Local businessmen 4 years ago bought this place and created here a huge fish farm. Near the lake, you can see different sizes of pools where are different kind and size of fish is lives mostly trout and sturgeon.

Trout can grow around 14-15 sm.

The owner mostly sells fish in the region local Bazar, markets, and also many restaurant owners from all over Georgia come here to buy his fresh and tasty fish. 

The water in fish pools is clear and warm enough.


Tourism came here occasionally, the lake became a tourist place after a beautiful and interesting video about the lake and after that, a  lot of people visited this unknown treasure.  Nowadays it is one of the best places in the region where you can relax, boat swim, horse riding, fishing, and have a picnic. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed, but there is a big swimming pool for those who want to swim. 

Around Green Lake, you can see different picnic places and hammocks, which are for rent. You can spend an incredible day with your friend, family, or even alone. 

Author: MyCaucasus