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How do people in Caucasus celebrate April Fools Day

 "The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year."- Mark Twain

Humor is a powerful "weapon" that can be used in many directions, even to show some serious problems for example climate change. But generally, humor brings people together and makes them laugh. You might know that every year's first day of April is a Fools day when everyone makes jokes, lies, and pranks each other, but do you know why people do that? 

Theories about Fools Day 

 French calendar error: As you know in 1582 France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar causing New Year’s Day to move from April 1st to January 1st. There are people who believe the tradition of April Fools Day began when people continued to ring in the New Year on April 1st because they hadn’t heard about the change. These fools were laughed at by others and had tricks playing on them including paper ‘Poisson Avril (April Fish) fish stuck to their backs, symbolizing being gullible like young, easily caught fish. This tradition is still observed in some countries like Frances, Belgium, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada.

Horrible weather:  Others believe April Fools’ Day is actually linked to the Spring Equinox, marked on March 20 this year, when mother nature unleashes unpredictable weather on everyone. You might be fooled into thinking winter has ended, but don’t put away those jackets just yet because spring can be just as cold as winter.

Now it does not make any scene why we do celebrate this day, but normally everyone makes funny pranks on each other for example: As a rule, on this day, tassels or an air-filled pillow are placed on the chair, which makes an awkward sound when sitting, put a funny sticker on the back, etc. 

1. Georgia 

Georgian people have different types of characters, you might hear about Svanetian people, who are considered to not be funny at all, that is not true! But in every region, Georgians have their own pranks and ideas on how to fool their friends. For example, the young generation from Kutaisi always lies about something very important and serious, to scare their parents or friends, sometimes they are too realistic and really scare the person. But at the end of the day, everyone is laughing and kids count their "victims", who has the most is a "king" of the pranks! 

Also, you must know, that Georgians created their own Fools Day, yes it is celebrated on the first of March as well as April. And when you prank someone on the first March you say to that person the sentence " dghes pirveli martia, vinc motkhuvda batia"- today is the first March and you are a goose. Poor goose in this case considered to be a "stupid" animal and also the word Goose and March in the Georgian language creates good rhythm. 

2. Armenia 

Armenia declared 1 April as April fool’s Day in 2006 and since then the Armenians also make joy and fun on this day. In Armenia Humor has transferred from real-life to a virtual world. Many people have managed to play tricks and jokes on each other on social networking sites. Armenian jokes and humor have been always welcome not only in Armenia but all over the world, Armenians are famous "clowns" they have their own style of humor, which is unique and not easy to forget. 

4. Azerbaijan 

In Azerbaijan  April Fool's Day called the Day of Deception, is not so much famous and not officially declared, but people still do funny pranks as well. In 2014-2015 Mikhail Zhvanetsky - a Russian satirist and performer celebrated Fools Day in Baku His performances and works are distinguished by a special "Odessa humor"; in the human failings and vices of society are subjected to ridicule.

Author: MyCaucasus