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Cultural Heritage Village Gogolati Travel in Racha Region Georgia

In many villages of Kvemo Racha, you will meet centuries-old carved wooden oda-houses. Some of them are still preserved in their original form, and some of them need to be restored. Colchian odas have been spread in Racha, Samegrelo, Guria, Imereti and partly in Adjara since the second half of the 19th century. These wooden houses, with their open balconies, carvings, and landscaped courtyards, will retain the distinct character and common culture of each corner.

 Carved wooden oda-houses history

In western Georgia, the traditional architecture of private houses is called Oda. The peak of the development of this type of house was reached in the XIII and XIV centuries. Prior to the construction, the owner of the house chooses the best spot and the view from the «balcony».

Georgians spend a lot of time on the balcony. The lounge, eat and even sleep on the balcony, on hot summer nights. Spacious balconies and large windows, keep residents in touch with nature.

Due to moisture and abundant rainfall, caused by the proximity to the Black Sea, Oda stands on wooden or stone pedestals. From the construction point of view, the uniqueness of the Oda house is an easy transformation. They have always been considered «movable property», since they can be easily dismantled, moved and reconstructed.

Village Gogolati Location

The village of Gogolati is located in the most beautiful part of Georgia in Racha, 25 km from Ambrolauri. In particular, in Ambrolauri district, 30 km west of the city. Md. On the right bank of the Shareula. 650 meters above sea level. The history of the village dates back to about 200-250 years.

Unfortunately, most of the houses are abandoned.

In this small village, hidden in the mountains, amazing sights and history are hidden in the form of knowledge leftover from centuries-old ode houses and Rachvelian wood-carvings. Can you imagine that out of more than 50 surviving ode houses, 2 are not identical to each other ?!

 The rehabilitation of Gogolati village in Racha.

The rehabilitation project will cost approximately 6 ml Gel and will include road infrastructure, sewerage, new water supply network that will be arranged on the spot. The main goal of this project is to maintain authenticity for the village. At this stage, there are 64 households in the village, including 54 wooden houses loaded with very interesting ornaments.
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