Shamkir – founded as Annenfeld by German emigrants

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Facts Shamkir

Azerbaijan  Country:
40000  Population:
1817  Founded:
Azeri  Languages:
Wine, Cognac, industry, army base  Economy:
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Region: Shamkir Rayon

Shamkir is located between the city of Ganja and the Georgian border in the north-west of Azerbaijan.

The provincial town has German history. In 1817 and 1818 emigrants from Baden-Württemberg (southern Germany) settled there and founded a city called Annenfeld. The Germans stayed for more than a century. But one year after Nazi Germany's strike against the Soviet Union the Germans were deported. 

Today there are no more Germans or their descendants in Shamkir, which is the name of Annenfeld since 1991

German church in Shamkir

The German church in Shamkir.

Shamkir under Georgian rule

The historical Shamkir has been known from the 5th century – as a Persian trading town. In the 8th century, the city was destroyed by the Sabirs, a late antique people of Turk origin.

In the 12th and at the beginning of the 13th century Shamkir was under Georgian rule. Back then, medieval Georgia was reigned by King Tamar. In 1235 Shamkir was destroyed again. This time it was done by the Mongols.

After other occupations, the city was lastly taken by the Russians.

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How to get to Shamkir

Shamkir by car

By car

From Ganja, you'll reach Shamkir within 45 minutes. From the Georgian border it's 1h 45 min and from Baku a bit less than 5 hours.

Shamkir by minibus

By minibus

This information is currently not available.

Shamkir by plane

By plane

Ganja Airport is quite close to Shamkir. The journey takes 40 minutes by car.

Shamkir by train

By train

There are train connections to Shamkir from Ganja and many other cities in Azerbaijan.

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Impressions from Shamkir