The ski and health resort in eastern Armenia

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Facts Jermuk

Armenia  Country:
5000  Population:
1961  Founded:
Armenian  Languages:
Mineral water, spa and health, tourism  Economy:
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Region: Vayots Dzor Province

Jermuk is a spa resort town in Armenia. It is located near the thermal sources on the bank of the river Arpa, at an altitude of 2,080 m above sea level.

The small city is characterized by a mild climate and clean air. It is surrounded by picturesque hills, deep gorges and rich alpine verdure and woods. This is why Jermuk mainly became popular. And of course because of the unique thermal-mineral springs around the city. Those springs are responsible for Jermuk's name: In Armenian, the word «jerm» meaning «warm».

Gndevank Monastery Jermuk

The Gndevank Monastery in Jermuk was built in the 10th century.

Gndevank Monastery in Jermuk

The resort area in Jermuk is full of healing mineral waters, sanatoriums and mesmerizing views. However, what’s a real must-see in Jermuk is the 10th-century Gndevank Monastery with its fort-like walls built all around. The monastery is one of the most charming landmarks in the country. And it is the best example of medieval Armenian architecture.

Another nice place is the 70 m high Jermuk Waterfall, the second largest waterfall in whole Armenia. It is situated at 2,000 m above sea level. From there you can enjoy spectacular views.

Jermuk is a ski resort in winter

In winter, Jermuk is recognized to be one of the most attractive ski resorts in Armenia. Its professional ski slopes are a favorite destination for more and more locals and foreigners.

If the weather isn't good enough for skiing, you should visit the Jermuk Art Gallery. There you can admire lots of paintings from local artists and you can participate in showcases around a hundred paintings and sculptures from the period of 1920-1990.
Everyone who has visited this wholesome place in eastern Armenia will never forget the sweetness of its healing water, the shady forests, the magnificent waterfalls and the smell of the alpine flowers. Whether you are an adventure seeker or simply want to explore another town in Armenia, Jermuk is a great stop for you.

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How to get to Jermuk

Jermuk by car

By car

By car, it takes approximately 3 hours from Yerevan to Jermuk. From Goris 1h 45min.

Jermuk by minibus

By minibus

There are marshrutkas (minibusses) from Yerevan to Jermuk. Departure is at the Kilikia Bus Station. The trip costs 2,000 AMD (3.60 EUR).

Jermuk by plane

By plane

Information currently not available.

Jermuk by train

By train

There are no train connections to Jermuk.

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